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iPad Education

is WASHILAH to get back

Islamic Glory …

Rasulullah ﷺ said: “Wisdom is the property of a lost Muslim, wherever he finds it, he has the right to take it.”

(HR. Tirmidhi, 2611)

All technological advances today, owe a great debt to the triumph of the service of science in the Islamic era (abasiyah & umawiyah dynasties), all for the efforts of the Islamic Khilafah, Muslim scholars and scholars at that time.

Reflecting on the golden history of Islam, the Al-Azhar Islamic School in Cairo Indonesia has a passion to restore the glory of Islam that rahmatan lil’alamin, unite technology & religion, science & morals, because all knowledge comes from Allah Ta’ala, the Essence of Knowledge. …

Technology with the iPad is a wash / means to always be close to divine light, which is a container for all the works of world scholars, from classical to contemporary times, with educational technology like this makes students can always be close to the source of light, the Qur’an, hadith & world-class ulama turats are in the hands of the students of the Al-Azhar Islamic School in Cairo, Palembang, Indonesia.

30 years ago until now, there are still many schools in this country who study in schools still use books, but now out there they have used digital classes, paper less, all based on Apps and

itunes U …

And if even today our children are not open to information and change, Believe me 10 years to come, they are the ones who lose and miss.

Change and innovation will never stop even if you insist not to change …

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